1Training Course
The Course is organized by Consulting Transport with Upper Silesian Road Haulage Association
We kindly inform that we organize training courses for the Certificate of Professional Competence state exam in accordance with the new rules established by the Regulation (Ec) No 1071/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 October 2009.
The participants of the course should be: future entrepreneurs, managers or forwarders working in transport, forwarding or logistics.

Date: September/October 2020 – 8 meetings around 3-5 hours each live on internet platform

The exam takes place in Katowice (Saturday or Sunday – the date is set by the Motor Transport Institute
Please ask us about the next scheduled date of the exam
Each of the participants may individually choose the date and the place of the exam.
In accordance with Motor Transport Institute rules, participant is allowed to be absent on up to two exams without excuse and financial loss.
The Certificate of Professional Competence state exam is necessary to obtain:

  • Road haulier accreditation document for the transport of goods and passengers (since 15.08.2013 it encompasses domestic transport)
  • License for international transportation of goods and passengers (since 15.08.2013 it encompasses international transport)
  • Licence for running forwarding business –transporting through subcontractors is equivalent to using third party services and falls under Road Transport Act regulations

The state exam takes place in Katowice in Motor Transport Institute’s examination centre.
The exam consists of:

  • 64 multiple choice questions (2 hours)
  • two tasks: work time task and one of the following: driver salary calculation/leasing/amortization – two hours

The candidate is not allowed to return to writing the test part after having it submitted. The total time for writing the test and the tasks is 4 hours. Both the tasks and the tests are discussed throughout the course. Moreover, participants of the course are given study materials which include tests with answers (around 500 questions) and solved tasks.
The subject of the course includes the following 8 units:

  1. Civil Law
  2. Commercial Law
  3. Social Law
  4. Tax Law
  5. Running a business and managing the company’s finance
  6. Access to the profession
  7. Technical norms and technical side of the business
  8. Road Safety

Our strengths:

  1. The course aims at reflecting the demands of the state exam and to teach practical knowledge which will be useful while running your business.
  2. High exam pass rate.
  3. Professional and clear study materials.
  4. Tutors are specialists in transport industry, as well as in law and finance.
  5. Approachable form and affordable price – 1100 PLN 
  6. The price includes study materials and tests (500 questions and answers).

After obtaining the Certificate of Professional Competence we can assist with obtaining:

  • Road transport operator authorisation,
  • License for international transport,
  • Analysis of driver’s work time,
  • Tachograph data collection,
  • Preparing employment contracts in accordance with road transport regulations
  • Liability insurance necessary to demonstrate the financial standing and to obtain road transport operator authorization or international transport license,
  • Personal liability and own damage insurance for vehicles, semitrailers and trailers
  • Personal liability insurance of the carrier ( necessary when operating road transport)
  • Personal liability insurance of the forwarder,
  • Leasing/credit offers for a vehicle,
  • Special offer for refueling at wholesale price + 0,02 gr on selected petrol stations.

Please call as or visit our website at www.gspd.pl for further information.

In order to take part in the Certificate of Professional Competence Course, please call us at:

  • +48 32 229-81-31
  • +48 510-105-250
  • +48 510-105-260


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