Work time records

In light of Polish and EU regulations:

  • Regulation (ECC) 3821/85
  • Regulation (EC) 561/2006
  • Regulation of the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure changing the
  • Regulation concerning the frequency of digital tachograph and analogue chart data collection and the conditions of its storage from 05.11.2010
  • Driver Work Time Act

each entrepreneur owning vehicles used for road transport of goods or passengers must use tachograph and record the drivers’ activities: driving, rest and duty.

The documentation of each employed driver must reflect every 24-hour period.

According to art. 25 of Driver Work Time Act, the employer must record driver work time in the following forms:

  • Records on analogue charts,
  • Print-outs from driver’s cards
  • Files downloaded from driver’s cards and from digital tachograph
  • Other documents confirming work time and the type of action undertaken by the driver

The records of driver work time must be stored for three years after the end of the period recorded.

Archiving data should take place on the following basis:

  • Downloading files from the digital tachograph, at least once every three months,
  • Downloading files from driver’s cards every 28 days.

If the above routine is not complied with, the company faces penalty of 500 PLN for each driver and 500 PLN for each vehicle, totaling at 1000 PLN.

The entrepreneur must collect data from the digital tachograph and the driver’s card, as only when combined can they form a basis for analysis regarding the observing of driving time regulations, breaks from driving and norms of driver rest.

We also offer comprehensive reports on work time and the examination of the continuity of records.

We also advise on the documents needed to include in the records broken into specific parts, e.g., correct employment contract with the salary components, work rules, salary regulations and establishing adequate work system.

We collect detailed records of driver work time which includes:

  • work in the 24 hour work cycle including:
    • working on Sundays and holidays,
    • working at night,
    • working overtime,
    • days off work,
    • duty time,
    • holiday leave,
    • excused absences from work

Correct driver time records must reflect the pay calculation as compliant with relevant regulations.